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Mobile Truck Repair Cambridge :Truck Computer Diagnostic and RepairIf you have a Truck & Trailer and looking to get a quality repair, then you can count on us for Mobile Truck Repair services in Cambridge.Have you ever imagined what is going inside your truck & trailer? No, Right? This is the reason for truck & trailer issues because we don’t perform regular checks on the internal engine or other truck & trailer areas. If you are having worry about this kind of check and seeking the answer for a query of How to perform a deep focused check on truck...

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24/7 Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair Service in Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Woodstock, Milton, Hamilton Brantford, Highway 401E, Highway 401W, Highway 403

Get Your breakdown truck back on road quickly. We are working 24 hours 7days.

Truck & Trailer Repair Services:


We are working 24/7/365 and serving all Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge highway 401 east and Cambridge highway 401 West, Highway 403 Brantford, Hamilton, Guelph, and highway401 Woodstock for all kind of mobile truck repair, trailer repair in rush hours in all other Towns, cities, roads, highways, weigh scales and yards.

Air Brakes and Brake Chamber Repair

Brakes wear out. Despite the fact that not every person drives in precisely the same way, it's uncommon that brakes keep going as long as the vehicle, particularly in the event that you are driving for long hauls. Truck Trailer Brake Repair in Cambridge Kitchener Highway 401 East & West, Brantford, Woodstock

Truck Computer Diagnostic and Repair

If your truck is showing any kind of Sensor lights on, You can call us Sohan Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair to perform the Computer Diagnostic and Repair on your Truck. We use only the most up-to-date technologies to accurately identify existing engine and transmission issues.

Truck Cranking/ Charging System

Our services for battery, charging and starting systems include for the following:Alternator Repair, Alternator Testing, Battery Load Test, Battery Testing, Alternator Belt, Ignition Switch, Starter Relay, Alternator Replacement, Alternator Troubleshooting, Alternator Tensioner, Battery Charge, Battery Maintenance, Battery Troubleshooting, Starter Repair, Starter Replacement, Battery Replacement

Truck Trailer Electrical/ Lighting Wiring Repair

Count on Sohan Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair for fast and reliable electrical repair service knowing we can solve most any electrical issue, no matter what truck make or model you drive. When something goes wrong, you need it fixed right, and right now, so you can get back on the road ASAP.

Truck Cooling System Repair & Services

Without a way to cool off your engine, your truck wouldn’t be able to perform properly. By itself an engine would become too hot and wouldn’t function due to the extreme heat it produces. Antifreeze/Coolant, Cooling Fan, Pressure Cap, Coolant Reservoir, Thermostat. Call Sohan Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair for any Truck Cooling System Repair & Services

Other Truck & Trailer Services:

  • Engine Diagnostic and Repair
  • Abs Diagnostic and Repair
  • Electric Faults
  • Truck Operator's Inspection
  • Truck Trailer Brake Repair
  • Wheel seals
  • Truck Clutch Adjustment
  • Automatic Transmission Diagnostic
  • Truck Trailer Body Repair
  • Trailer Lift Gate Repair
  • Trailer Rear Door Repair
  • Truck Trailer Electrical Repair
  • Truck Oil Change Service
  • Truck Cooling System Repair
  • Truck In Cab Repair Services

Service Areas:

If you need Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair near

  • Highway 401 Exit #235 – Hwy 403
  • Highway 401 Exit #236 – Towerline Road
  • Highway 401 Exit #238 – Hwy 2
  • Highway 401 Exit #250 – Drumbo Road
  • Highway 401 Oxford Road 3 Overpass
  • Highway 401 Exit #268 – Waterloo Road 97
  • Highway 401 Exit #275 – Homer Watson Blvd
  • Highway 401 Exit #278 – Hwy 8
  • Highway 401 Exit #282 – Hwy 24
  • Highway 401 Exit #284 – Franklin Blvd
  • Highway 401 Exit #286 – Townline Road
  • Highway 401 Exit #295 – Hwy 6 North
  • Highway 401 Exit #299 – Hwy 6 South
  • Highway 401 Exit #312 – Guelph Line